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working areas

We work in serveral points of the Spanish geogrphy

alicante's port

Our head office is in this port. It is a fundamental pillar for the city of Alicante since it is linked to the economic growth of the city. It is very well connected by modern motorways, highways, a railway network and the airport is 12 minutes away.

valencia's port

The port of Valencia is one of the most important in Spain and is characterized by its breadth. It is located east of the city and is characterized by good road and rail connections. In fact it has access to any productive area of the Peninsula and Europe.

barcelona's port

It is the most important port in the national territory. It is located between the mouth of the LLobregat river and the Barceloneta district. This port has a total of 4 container terminals that demonstrate the big capacity of this port.


cartagena's port

It is the fourth most important port in the transport of merchandise nationwide. 60% of the export and 80% of the import from the Murcia region are made from this point, so it is also one of the reference ports.

alicante's airport

It is located 8 km from the city of Alicante and ranks fifth in the Spanish airport network. On the other hand, it is one of the  50 European airports with more traffic and is the biggest airport in the Valencian Community.

madrid's airport

It is the flagship airport of the Spanish territory in number of passengers, air cargo and operations. On the other hand it is the fifth most important airport in Europe and the twenty-fourth in the world. The complex has a total of 5 terminals and connections  all over the globe. This last year a total of 470,795 tons of cargo passed through it.

barcelona's airport

It is 15 km from the city center and 3 km from the city center. It has two terminals and a load center. It is the second most important airport in the Spanish territory. Last year, a total of 156,105 tons of merchandise passed through it.

valencia's airport

It is 8 km west of the city. This point generates a great point of economic development for the city and the aerial works related to agriculture in this airport are characteristic. Last year a total of 13 tons of cargo passed through this airport.

national territory

If you want to make an operation from another point of the Spanish geography,  contact us. And we will study your case to get the best result.


Centralised Clearance

Finally, since March 18th 2019, we have the Centralised Clearance status. It is a certification of the Tax Agency that provides us the skills to operate troughtout the Spanish territory. That is  why, we are able to offer our services anywhere in the Spanish geography



Online and phone


Phone: 965 08 59 29

Fax: 965 08 82 25

Avda. del Faro, s/n

Edif. Este - Pl 2º - 15-16-17

Puerto de Alicante

Muelle de Poniente I.F.C.M

03001 Alicante

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